INTERSPEECH 2017 Special Session on "Digital Revolution for Under-resourced Languages" (DigRev-URL)

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Organized in the framework of INTERSPEECH 2017, this Special Session on Digital Revolution for Under-resourced Languages (DigRev-URL) aims at accelerating the research activities for under-resourced languages, and at providing a forum for linguistic and speech technology researchers, as well as for academic and industrial counterparts, to share achievements and challenges in all areas related to Natural Language Processing and Spoken Language Processing of under-resourced languages, mainly used in South, Southeast and West Asia, North and Sub-Africa, North and Eastern Europe.

Particularly, being INTERSPEECH 2017 held in Sweden, submissions on under-resourced languages from Nordic, Uralic, and Slavic regions are highly encouraged.

At the end of the Special Session, a Panel Discussion on the Digital Revolution for Under-Resourced Languages is organized.

Call for Papers